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CATR Conference

Here is a slideshow from my recent trip to Ottawa, Ontario to attend the Canadian Association of Theatre Research conference. I was also a panelist in the Science and Theatre: Exchanging Ideas in a Cultural Marketplace working group sharing my paper titled “An Evolution Story: Creator and Spectator”.

The experience was enriching and eye opening. Not only did I meet many new colleagues but I also experienced a new country and culture. This was my first time in Canada and was very impressed! Every Canadian that I met – from the cab drivers to the university staff – were friendly and eager to share what they loved about their country.

I got to watch two Canadian plays, one at the National Centre of the Arts called Needles and Opium and the other at The Great Canadian Theatre Company called The Public Servant. Both were profoundly Canadian and, at times, I was lost due to the many Canadian cultural references but the experience of being lost was also very fascinating. It made me appreciate how different cultural contexts play into creating theatre performance. Being from a different country gave me an opportunity to see the world through a Canadian perspective allowing me to see what was different and what was similar; resulting in a greater understanding of myself as an American and also greater appreciation for Canadians.

I immensely enjoyed the conference and look forward to more experiences that bring greater love and understanding to what I have committed my life to – story telling.

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